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He ensured the kitchen ran efficiently and smoothly for over 15 years. Spyro assisted his brother Jerry in the festival kitchen making sure the food was of the top most quality.He spent many years assisting in the Loukoumades booth of the festival.He passed into God's Paradise at age 89 on January 2016.Mission Africa From Every day 6,500 people die on the continent of Africa from the AIDS virus.Bring the whole family as we share our Greek hospitality with all ages.All proceeds from the festival benefit the Cathedral’s Ministries as well as local community charities.Presently, he is still very active in supporting the festival.

Along with his brother Spyro, Jerry ran the the festival kitchen and cooked many of the dishes, especially the meats and making the pastitsio and moussaka from scratch.

He worked closely together with Gus James making important decisions that significantly made the festival into a huge success.

He passed away in 2006 at the age of 81He gave the festival his expertise in advertising and in the public relations field.

The people there are plagued by war and famine, drought and disease.

But they are our neighbors in the world and in Christ. Mission: Africa is a collection of the thoughts of many of your favorite music artists like Jars of Clay, The Newsboys, Michael Tait, GRITS, John Reuben, Out of Eden, and many others.

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