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Human traffickers also smuggle men to countries like Thailand where they work for little to no pay in the exploitative, but lucrative, fishing sector there.

In such countries, Bangladeshi illegal workers get into debt bondage and must work for long times for the benefit of their slave masters until their debts are paid, if they ever are.

Adult male slaves, meanwhile, are often forced into labor due to financial debts, while females are often exploited for prostitution.

According to GSI, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis are modern day slaves.

The country abounds with trafficking, where men, women, and children alike are trafficked to such countries as Thailand, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, and Malaysia, where they face lives of sexual exploitation, domestic work, and other forced labor.

Most of those trafficked end up in bonded labor or prostitution in those countries, though their original intention was searching for greener pastures.

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