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What would *you* expect a publisher to do when the ink falls off the pages of a book you bought new and you discover you have mostly blanks? When I'm bored I'll slip one somewhere he can find it like in his wallet or work bag.

Would you expect the publisher to do something to offset your wasted money, or would you just be grateful to hear them tell you how sorry they are that they cannot help you? Sometimes I hand it to him before he leaves to work.

Well, that is the last item we ever purchase from Chronicle Books in San Francisco. Sex Scratchers by Chronicle Books is a loser's product fit mostly for bar room bragging because it offers little actual action between the sheets. I'd give 5 stars if they were called "Look Tickets, You Get No Answers". However, there's so much variety that ditching a couple of them isn't a big deal. I got these for my boyfriend as a gag gift for Valentine's Day along with real lottery tickets. This is a cute idea and I have to say the tickets are fun to read; however, they are extremely hard to “scratch off”. If your partner likes lotto scratchers they will love these I would recommend this to anyone starting a new relationship or looking to refresh a little steam in the bedroom. It was interesting but we got bored of them real fast. This is great for a gag gift, or a stocking stuffer.

I thought it would be something fun to do to spice things up.

We enjoyed the first couple scratch offs but soon realized the "tickets" repeated throughout the book. I purchased this as a stocking stuffer for my husband.

The footballs on the right were her careful scratching. After ruining about a dozen of these tickets, we talked with the company Chronicle Books in San Francisco directly and yes, they know of the problem and they are no longer selling the product (even though they have remaining stock in their warehouse) because of the many complaints they have received.

They are looking for another print shop to "do a better job", but "unfortunately unless you purchased directly from us, we cannot help you." No credit, no discount on another purchase, not even a waiting list for the replacement product.

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The only difference being they change the color and some background. I thought it would be something fun to do to spice things up. Gentle careful scratching, even tedious "wear down the ink extremely carefully" takes the answers off with the cover paint.

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