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Humiliating submissive girls on webcam can be a lot of to a Male Dom or Master, making them do sexual things from mild to extreme but the Master always being in control of his female sub/bitch/whore.

Controlling them and giving them orders and making them understand that the Male Master is the boss.

Most of them are only good for one of two things anyway. Doing what ever you tell them to do with a smile and a “Yes Master” is what these sluts do best.

Nothing makes them happier than seeing you nod contently as they do what you tell them, no matter how degrading or humiliating it might be. Any pain you cause them is offset by their desire to please and obey you.

They need to be taught who is boss and this can only be achieved through domination and humiliation, make them stretch their pussy wide, teach them t squirt for you and to cum on command for you.

Tie them up and make them slap their tits and finger their ass. This cum eating whore needs to suck dick and eat as much cum as possible, shes a dirty whore and she worships and adores her masters cock and cum….

Most of them exercise one kind of SM like: Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission.

They are ready to be used and abused as they should be and they want to do anything you command.

Make the strip, make them tie up those tits, make them slap their own faces or prod their pussy hard with a huge dildo.

w=300" data-large-file=" w=723" src=" w=210&h=154&crop=1" width="210" height="154" data-original-width="210" data-original-height="154" title="female sub humiliated licking toilete pan" alt="humiliation, females humiliated on cam" style="width: 210px; height: 154px;" / Let’s be honest, some women are a little too big for their boots.

Women’s lib has created a false sense of dominance in the female sex.

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