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One such opportunity is being able to talk to random people online.The platforms for doing so are extensive, such as writing reviews of products, commenting on forums, and chatting with strangers.I will do my best to please daddy and always make him happy.If I fail to do so, consequences will take action and I shall be punished. I love sucking it,licking it,begging for it, and being slapped. I had a daddy in the past but not anymore :( I'm a young girl (younger then my profile says) who's very sweet and polite and would be grateful to have a daddy to love me :) If I don't get one before Christmas I think I'm going to have to ask Santa... the first time i ever had anal was when i was 17 and it was the best feeling i had ever felt. I love when daddy calls me names like s lut pig w hore b itch, cow anything he wants to. I'm a 19 year old girl that has been a babygirl in the bdsm lifestyle since iwas 16. I love to hug daddy and make him feel like hes the best daddy in the whole wide world. It drives me crazy when he grabs me violently and spanks me agressively for being naughty. Dont call yourself daddy if you cant keep your little girl wanting your attention and under control ock. I want a daddy who is not afraid to spank me for no reason other than he wants to.

I feel like I have a lot of bad habits which only love and nurture could help train me out of them, for example my... i love the feel of an older mans **** in my tight holes, the way it stetches me. Love, protect and help me but also to punish me for being bad and teach me what's right and wrong and to teach me all about how to please him.7 Cups listeners desire to connect with you through conversation online.You will walk into the experience two complete strangers, but our hope is that you will walk out of it more optimistic and with a clearer perspective-reaping the many benefits of a meaningful connection with another person. I need a strict, dominant, experienced daddy to teach me everything he want me to know.I love receiving sweet and naughty messages at all hours especially to wake up to. Littles are very complex women as they are both sexy, adult women and cute inner littles. I love being slapped with it and I love licking it. Dangling it in front of my face and when i go to suck it you pull it away and slap me with it.

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