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Felix is having a hard time calming down after his latest episode of Resident Evil 7, and even though they're an ocean away, Jack's just doing the best he can to make sure Felix gets some sleep tonight. So far only smutty fics planned but please leave me requests, no matter the ships.

Or that early rather same shaped and video chat sex interchangeable issues a at mexican them?!When Yuuri's Idol follows him on instagram, praising his art, Yuuri might have had a heartattack. "Sam se dice que lo sabía, sabía que cuando Steve dijo “amigo” estaba diciendo algo más y sabía que Steve aún está enamorado de ese tío sentado a su lado, porque Sam no está ciego, por el amor de Dios. Jimin, a soft-hearted retail supervisor, moonlights as a professional cuddler to buy a new loft.But what happens when their internet friendship becomes more. Se dijo que no tenía ningún problema con todo el asunto, y sabía que se estaba mintiendo a él mismo porque si no habría reunido el valor de preguntarle a Steve. Bucky ha contestado todas las preguntas por él con un par de comentarios de mal gusto y ahora Sam quiere decirse que no le afecta, pero a quién coño quiere engañar."Hay cosas sin resolver entre Steve y Bucky, y Sam se encuentra en medio de los dos. When the object of his workplace obsession offers to help him move, and subsequently moves himself in, Jimin hopes that his lonely daydreams are coming true.hope u enjoy It's really not Lydia's fault that Professor Argent is hot.Also not her fault that he's in Detroit for a conference, and she really, really misses hooking up in his office.(Webcam sex, basically.)Or: the second installment in the series in which Lydia Martin goes to college and gets very laid.

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