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Especially since 21st century women have wide access to financial independence.Some of my female friends would say, “Oh, let it go. It’s not like I’m asking him to provide for me,” or “If he couldn’t pay for dinner, how should I expect him to provide for our family later?

But make no mistake, it did not translate to free meals for women.Pick up the tab, split the bills, go to places that both of you can actually afford, and whoever has more money pays.When I was in college and informed my mom that I have a boyfriend, she said 'split the bills when you go dating. Remember he still uses his parents' money, just like you.' I love my mom more because of that.Thus, we grant men the freedom to explore more opportunities and take risks with their career.They don’t have to be burdened with something like, (What would you feed your wife and children? There will be less men hating their day jobs, men who go to work with a sullen face and go back home feeling discontented because he doesn’t get to do what he loves doing.

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Women are conditioned to value men based on how much he’s got in his bank account.

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