Black sex chant room

In three scenes, an empty rocking chair loudly rocks and stops as a woman enters the room.A woman awakens at night to thumping noises and walks with a lantern into a damp basement, where she finds a rocking chair rocking on its own while red capital letters appear on a wall stating, "You let him die." A mute little boy hands a woman a note that makes the statement, "You let him die." A woman hears a raspy voice speak the phrase, "You let him die." A figure, gender indeterminate, hangs in a corner of a toy room with feet barely touching the floor and dark shrouds covering the face and body to the ankles; from the viewpoint of this figure, we move closer to a small boy at the room's door as he looks progressively more frightened, eyes wide and lips trembling; the door slams and locks itself, a woman pounds on it, it opens and she enters to find the child sitting on the floor, facing a blank wall with his eyes looking glazed and having vertical slits for pupils.

Two pre-teen boys run into a woman in a hallway and she yelps, "Ouch! Two women argue about the existence of ghosts and later, a doctor and one of the women argue about the reality of ghosts and spirits.A young boy carries two pencil drawings that we hear he drew of his parents, who died in a house bombing; one of the pictures looks like a woman wearing a long black shroud, holding the hand of a small boy (the boy has been mute since the bombing).During the London Blitz about 50 people hide in a subway shelter and we hear muffled sounds of bombing and air raid sirens as a young girl looks scared; outside, we see a bombed street, clouds of heavy smoke and fire trucks spraying water onto crumbled buildings as a uniformed man walks on crutches with his lower leg missing at the bandaged knee (no blood is evident).- Name-calling (coward), stereotypical references to men, women, children, war orphans, WWII pilots, doctors, teachers, ghosts, 2 religious exclamations (damn, godforsaken), 2 group prayers.[profanity glossary] A CAVEAT: We've gone through several editorial changes since we started covering films in 1992 and some of our early standards were not as stringent as they are now.

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