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We will do our best to help you troubleshoot your issue.

However, submitting this information does not guarantee that any message you send to users of the services will be delivered.

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This section provides troubleshooting information for senders who are having trouble reaching users by email.

Microsoft does not allow this behavior and takes action on IPs that engage in it.If you are running anti-virus software on your firewall or SMTP server, check for the setting "Internet Email Auto Protect" or "Internet Email Protection." If this setting is enabled, disable it and try sending a test message to our servers again. If you are unable to connect, then attempt to telnet over port 25 directly to our email servers (MTAs).You can find the current list of our MTAs by querying "nslookup –q=mx" from a command prompt (this should work in a variety of Operating Systems).A new IP can expect to be fully ramped within a couple of weeks or sooner depending on volume, list accuracy and as long as their junk email complaint rates are kept at a minimum.Some of the deliverability issues are the result of sender-based software configurations.

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As a result, emails from new IPs are more likely to experience deliverability issues.

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