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Each semester the Latin readings for translation reflect a specific genre of theological prose writing.

Prerequisite: two semesters of Latin grammar or the equivalent.

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By reading and analyzing passages from the Hebrew Bible and from post-biblical Hebrew texts, students will have the opportunity to increase their reading fluency and to gain an appreciation for the historical development of the language.

An introduction to the grammar of one dialect of Standard Literary Aramaic, viz., that represented in the Targum of Onqelos. In addition, attention will be paid to the place of Aramaic within the Semitic-language family, especially by way of a(n inductively based) comparisonof the Aramaic material with that found other Semitic languages, especially Hebrew.

This subject incorporates questions of anthropology, the topographies of heaven and hell, eschatology, and soteriology.

Particular attention will be given to the second temple Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts in which early Christian ideas about the afterlife developed as well as early Christian interpretations of scriptural teachings about resurrection.

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