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I’ve always wondered where this expression came from. ED.” There is a White Haven, Pennsylvania, where Liz Lemon is said to have grown up.

Apparently “pale” is an old English term for a sharpened stake driven into the ground, and also the name for a barrier around a fortification made of pales. It’s too small to have a high school, but close enough to be less than two hours from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where Tina Fey grew up.

This particular curiously strong throat-blocker is classic peppermint, given away by the tin’s red edges. Raymond’s brother, played by Tom Cruise, at one point took him to Las Vegas to count cards in poker.

So, unless you’re ready to make a big life change, I need to move on. Stedman Graham is Oprah’s husband, well they never got married so…

30 Rock: \u201c The Aftermath\u201d / \u201c Blind Date\u201d", "dimension6": false, "dimension1": "tv", "dimension4": null, "dimension5": null, "dimension2": "tv-club", "dimension7": "2014-08-19T ", "dimension10": 208323}" “The Aftermath” (originally aired 10/18/2008)/“Blind Date” (originally aired 10/25/2008)In which in five years we’ll all either be working for Kenneth or be dead by his hand…It can be painful to watch a television show in the throes of figuring itself out.

For the second time today, she gives herself the Heimlich maneuver to save herself. Tracy’s implying both that Jack isn’t that smart, he just has some freakish savant ability with cards and that he’s possibly cheating at cards in some way.

Tracy appears to be holding the Ace of Clubs, 4 of Hearts, Queen of Spades, and the 7 of Spades.

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Never winning war sounds about right, but mass producing a decent car? Liz and Gretchen are back at the Cafe des Artistes, where they first met.

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