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Perhaps regional politicians would do well to ponder carefully on the far-reaching consequences of decisions taken on the hoof.

In my humble opinion there are many countries out there that are doing a sterling job at attracting foreign investments by adopting superb fiscal measures (chiefly Portugal).

Not to mention that at a time where Administration’s coffers are bereft post-crisis this represents a golden opportunity to hunt, apologies, I meant taxes and prop up politicians’ dwindling coffers (because gold statues and palaces don’t pay for themselves you know). In Barcelona, for example, in two unrelated recent cases they have levied fines of £24,000 (source) and £70,000 on the same token (source).

A positive side effect of this law will be to bring into the open all the undeclared tourist rentals.

If Spain had truly a modern diversified economy these unpopular laws wouldn’t be such a big deal after all, and we could shrug it off.

But the sad fact is that Spain’s GDP is unhealthily over-reliant on the Tourism and Construction sectors (over 20%), and this fact, coupled with huge unemployment levels that reach alarming all-time highs in Andalusia, make for a bleak picture.

Moreover in other parts of Spain town halls are already levying substantial amounts on the back of similar new laws.They are using new technology (‘web crawlers’) that methodically and relentlessly trawl internet to come up with non-regulated rentals that are advertised over the web.Authorities cross-reference this information against their public records and unregistered properties are brought to light as a result.8th of February 2016Introduction Since 2013 I have highlighted the ongoing trend in all regions of Spain to pass legislation on private holiday rentals:• New Measures to Bolster Spain’s Ailing Rental Market • Holiday Rental Laws in Spain Anyone who has read my articles here will know I am not in favour of these tourist rental laws because they have not been drafted with consumer’s best interests in mind, but rather with those of the hotel industry that fought tooth and nail to regulate this sector, and thwart what they call “unfair competition”.Spanish politicians, and particularly those in Andalusia, have taken a string of controversial decisions in the last few years in the face of an anemic post-crisis recovery (i.e.

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