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They represent something to be overcome because at all in the first place – whether it be a smile, a hello or even their attention.

It’s the same sense of entitlement that underpins a host of dating mistakes, from Nice Guy behavior to harassing and groping women at conventions.

It’s like a finger pointing at the moon; you get so focused on the finger that you’ve missed all the heavenly glory.

The point of this column – of my site as a whole – is to going to get there.

You’ve gone one block and a guy is following you asking you to buy his mix CD.

He gives up, but now you see two people with clipboards and you’ve just made eye-contact with them.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing inherently wrong with approaching women. The next key mistake that guys make when approaching women: they ignore the social context.

The social context is, put simply, the rules that govern people’s expected behavior in social situations.

If you’ve read this and immediately asked “so I guess I should never talk to women”, then you’re right. The behaviors I talk about aren’t mistakes because women are arbitrary creatures who hate your boner. Go to parties, where the social context encourages approaching strangers and making new friends.

Or for guys to present women with pics of their junk like a cat dropping off a dead bird.

Or, for that matter, the belief that you should be getting in a woman’s face and waving at her to force her to notice you.

Sometimes it means that they want something to occupy their minds during their runs or their commutes.

Other times, it’s because they prefer to put a But to Bacon – and the random /r9k/ gentleman earlier – headphones are less of a “do not disturb” sign and more of an inconvenient roadblock for their penis.

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