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The opening to the urethra is just below the clitoris.

It is not related to sex or reproduction, but is instead the passage for urine. Because the urethra is so close to the anus, women should always wipe themselves from front to back to avoid infecting the vagina and urethra with bacteria.

The vagina extends from the vaginal opening to the cervix, the opening to the uterus.

The labia majora are the outer lips of the vulva, pads of fatty tissue that wrap around the vulva from the mons to the perineum.

These labia are usually covered with pubic hair, and contain numerous sweat and oil glands, and it has been suggested that the scent from these are sexually arousing.

View (B) shows the vulva when it is opened, and from the top down one can clearly see the Veneris Mons, clitoral hood, clitoris, and labia minora.

There are many questions about the vulva on alt.sex, and this FAQ will begin to attempt to answer some of these.

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